Once you have your AI Agent configured, you can list your branded RAG model with just a few simple steps. This will make your content accessible to LLMs or AI developers via Dappier’s RAG Marketplace. Any AI agent or experience can effortlessly retrieve relevant information from your brand’s data based on user queries.

  1. Navigate to the Monetize Tab:
    • Go to the AI Agent you’ve created.
    • Click on the Monetize tab to start the publishing process.
AI Agent Monetize Tab
  1. Upload a Display Image:

    • Select a PNG or JPEG image that represents your data model.
    • This image will be displayed in the RAG Marketplace to attract users.
  2. Add Basic Information:

    • Name: Enter a name for your data model. This should reflect its purpose and attract potential users.
    • Description: Provide a detailed description of what your data model does. Highlight its key features and benefits.
  3. Publisher Information:

    • Enter the name of the publisher (your name or your company’s name). This adds credibility to your model and helps users identify the source of the data.
  4. Set your CPM:

    • Define the Price per Query you would like to charge users for accessing your data. This will help you generate revenue based on user interactions with your model.
    • Ensure your pricing is competitive and reflects the value your data model provides.
  5. Review and Publish:

    • Double-check all the details you’ve entered to ensure accuracy.
    • Once satisfied, click on the Publish button to list your data model in the RAG Marketplace.

By following these steps, you can effectively publish and monetize your data model, expanding its reach and accessibility to a broader user base.