Welcome to Dappier’s Create AI Agent tool! With this feature, you can configure your AI Agent to suit your needs. To begin, navigate to My AI Agents and click on Create AI Agent.

With just a few steps you can fine tune your AI Agent. Here’s how:

Sync Your Content

Get started with building your AI agent with knowledge sources such as RSS feeds or Airtable.

Create AI Agent Sync Your Content

RSS Feeds Integration

Train your AI agent by connecting it to one or more RSS feeds. These feeds will serve as valuable sources of information for your agent to learn from. Your AI agent will parse the content of these feeds and use it to improve its understanding and responses.

Airtable Integration

Alternatively, you can integrate your AI agent with Airtable, a powerful database management tool. To set up this integration, you’ll need to provide the following details: BaseID, TableID(s), and a Personal Access Token (PAT). This information allows your AI agent to access and retrieve data from your Airtable database. For detailed instructions on obtaining these details from your Airtable account, refer to the following link: Creating Personal Access Tokens

Note: Fine-tuning your AI agent is a crucial process that ensures optimal performance and accuracy in its responses. This process may take a few minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of your agent and the amount of data being processed. It’s recommended to initiate the fine-tuning process and return shortly to check on its progress. This allows the AI agent to iteratively adjust its algorithms and parameters to better understand and respond to user queries effectively. Your patience during this period is appreciated as it contributes to the overall improvement of your AI agent’s performance.

Once you’ve added your content source, you can continue configuring your agent with the following:

Create AI Agent Configure

Name of AI Agent

Choose a name that reflects the purpose or function of your AI agent. This name will help users identify and interact with your agent effectively.

Description of What This AI Agent Can Do

Provide a brief overview of the capabilities and functionalities of your AI agent. This description will help users understand the scope and purpose of the agent.

Instructions & Persona

Specify the instructions and persona that you want your AI agent to follow. Define the behavior, tone, and style that align with your brand or objectives. Whether you want your agent to be formal, friendly, or informative, setting clear instructions and persona will ensure consistent and effective interactions with users.

Here is an example we like: Your name is Pat, and you are a real-time data AI assistant with access to real-time data. Your replies are kind, fun, truthful, and informal, and you can use emojis. Respond to all prompts ideal for text messaging. No need to greet yourself or the user in every response.

And that’s it!

You are ready to fine tune your AI Agent. You can always tweak your configurations and edit your content sources to further update your agent.

Enter Prompt Samples (Optional)

Offer example prompts to guide effective user interactions with the AI agent. Include a variety of clear and concise samples covering different topics and actions. Encourage exploration of the agent’s capabilities and gather user feedback for continuous improvement.

Note: You can enter your prompt samples after you begin fine tuning your AI agent.